*Every Wednesday as of September 21, 2022

The Team XV program is designed to link groups of approximately 15 students with one teacher throughout their high school career. This teacher is to act as an advocate for the student, help with goal setting, discuss student progress, and help with post-secondary planning.

Team XV now takes place every Wednesday (except for January and June) during a revised bell schedule -  on Wednesdays all of the regular blocks are slightly shortened, and an additional Team XV block is added in between block 1 & 2.

Attendance is taken, and we encourage all students to attend.

We use Team XV to hand out important information (report cards, district policies, etc.), and it is an invaluable source for extra help, catch up, or personal growth. Sometimes during Team XV 'Enrichment' sessions are offered which allow students to go try and activity they might not be able to fit into their schedule otherwise (basic foods, hairstyling, yearbook, music, etc.)

Bell Schedule

Warning 8:41
Period 1 8:45-10:00
Break 10:00-10:05
TEAM XV 10:05-10:40
Break 10:40-10:45
Period 2 10:45-12:00
Lunch Break 12:00-12:40
Period 3 12:40-1:55
Break 1:55-2:00
Period 4 2:00-3:17