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Photo of Mark Tichkowsky

Mark Tichkowsky


Photo of Angela Noel

Angela Noel

Assistant Principal - Biology, Student Supports

Photo of Corey deMoissac

Corey deMoissac

Assistant Principal - Sports Perf., Phys Ed, Work Experience


Photo of Erin Blatkewicz

Erin Blatkewicz


Photo of Courtney Fecho

Courtney Fecho

Science, Math

Photo of Karrie Foisy

Karrie Foisy

Social Studies

Photo of Melissa Garay

Melissa Garay


Photo of Richard Gratton

Richard Gratton


Photo of Tanya Hebert

Tanya Hebert

Biology, Science & Math

Photo of Melanie Lawton

Melanie Lawton

Social Studies & Psychology

Photo of Sasha Levasseur

Sasha Levasseur

French, Psychology, CALM & Work Ex.

Photo of Melissa Mahé

Melissa Mahé

Math, Fin. Management

Photo of Shala Orbell

Shala Orbell

Art, Ceramics, Com. Tech & Foods

Photo of Haley Ozga

Haley Ozga

Social Studies

Photo of Bob Palinka

Bob Palinka

Math & Music

Photo of Tim Penner

Tim Penner

Chemistry & Math

Photo of Jennah Plandowski

Jennah Plandowski


Photo of Jill Ranger

Jill Ranger

English & Foods

Photo of Julia Scheuer (Rose)

Julia Scheuer (Rose)


Photo of Paige Skrypichayko

Paige Skrypichayko


Photo of Brandon Strocki

Brandon Strocki

Phys. Ed, Social Studies & Sports Perf.

Photo of Jean-Guy Tremblay

Jean-Guy Tremblay


Educational Assistants

Photo of Geoff Bishop

Geoff Bishop

Photo of Terri Bykewich

Terri Bykewich

Photo of Derek Jackson

Derek Jackson

Photo of Lori-Anne Peters

Lori-Anne Peters

Photo of Tina Robinson

Tina Robinson

Photo of Dawn Robitaille

Dawn Robitaille

Photo of Christy Schonek

Christy Schonek

Photo of Jorge Silva

Jorge Silva

Office Admin

Photo of Erin Haugen

Erin Haugen

Admin Assistant

Photo of Mary Trach

Mary Trach

Admin Assistant

Student Services

Photo of Cheryl Quinton

Cheryl Quinton

FSLW / Counsellor

Photo of Angele Morrison

Angele Morrison

Career Counsellor

Photo of Susan Kotowich-Dubrule

Susan Kotowich-Dubrule

Career Counsellor

Photo of Dawn Robitaille

Dawn Robitaille

Attendance/Work Exp

Photo of Angela Noel

Angela Noel

Student Supports


Photo of Della Laschowski

Della Laschowski


placeholder image for Marc Casera

Marc Casera

Head Custodian

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