Home of the Saints


St. Paul Regional High School recognizes that co-curricular athletics promotes sportsmanship, team building, good citizenship, high academic standards, and community responsibility. Co-curricular athletics provide an opportunity for students to explore their unique talents outside of the classroom setting. These activities demand a high level of commitment, excellence, and self-motivation, which will help prepare students for the challenges they will meet outside the school community.

It is a privilege for students to participate in co-curricular athletics. Participation is voluntary and is not a requirement, nor an entitlement. Therefore, extra time and effort are required of those who participate. Since the reputation of the school is often judged by its co-curricular programs, high standards must be maintained. Those who earn the privilege of representing St. Paul Regional High School in co-curricular athletics are expected to accept greater responsibilities as school citizens.

Participation in co-curricular athletics is open to all students provided they meet the general requirements as outlined in this handbook, and any requirements specific to the activity of their choice.

20th Annual Athletic Awards June, 2020