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About Us

Grades Taught



St. Paul Regional High School is the only high school in the Town of St. Paul and the largest of the high schools in this division. We offer both academic and vocational programs to our approximately 420 grade 10, 11 and 12 students. Traditionally, we have drawn students from surrounding jurisdictions to our vocational/career and technology programs and to our larger choice of courses. The "Regional", as we are known, offers the Knowledge and Employability Program for those students who are encountering difficulties while working towards a standard high school diploma. We also have students enrolled in our Special Needs program offering a combination of pullout and integrated programming for students with a variety of learning disabilities. We offer an extensive off-campus education program, in conjunction with RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program), Green Certificate Programs, and Tech Preparation. ​ There are 25 certificated teachers on staff, 2 of whom are working half-time. Many of the students at the Regional High School are eligible to be bussed (65%), and many hold part-time jobs (62%) where they work after school or on weekends. The high percentage of students having part-time jobs has been raised as a concern by the teaching staff.

Mission Statement

We will help all students develop their own unique and personal potentials by varying instruction, assessments and content, to both support students in the use of their own resources and challenge them to acquire and understand the resources of others.


At the St. Paul Regional High School we believe that:

  • Learning is life-long
  • Parents are the primary educators with support from the school and community.
  • Individuals learn best in a safe, supportive, and caring environment.
  • Education respects and reflects linguistic, cultural, and religious diversity.
  • All individuals have the right and responsibility to maximize their potential.
  • All educational decisions are learner centered.

School Values

At the St. Paul Regional High School we value:

  • Honesty, integrity, openness, and fairness in all decisions and actions, which affect the school system.
  • Respect for the uniqueness of all individuals
  • Ownership by all in the education process.
  • The pursuit of excellence while endeavouring to maintain a high level of achievement consistent with abilities.
  • Cooperation in building and maintaining partnerships through a collaborative approach.
  • The sense of pride and ownership in the growth of our education system.