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We encourage students to apply for as many scholarships as possible to help reduce the costs of their post-secondary education. There are countless scholarships available to students and unfortunately, many go unclaimed because students don't apply.  Please make an appointment with Mrs. Morrison to get a list of places to look for scholarships.  One great way to find scholarships is to sign up to and receive free information about scholarships that students qualify for. To keep organized and never miss a deadline, use our Scholarship Tracking Sheet.  Need help applying for scholarships? Make an appointment with Mrs. Morrison to go over your options for funding post-secondary.


Check out our Career Calendar to stay on track of scholarship deadlines!  Don't forget to sign up for Remind messages so you get reminders of scholarship deadlines. 

Local Scholarships

Our school division publishes a Local Scholarship Booklet with over $75,000 worth of scholarships to help students in our school division achieve their dream.  All grade 12 students are encouraged to apply for our local scholarships.  Click the image below to see the full 2023 SPERD Local Scholarship Booklet. In the booklet, we've also listed the scholarships that are specifically for our SPRHS students. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 9.51.03 AM.png
Provincial & National Scholarships
(organized by deadline dates)
Alexander Rutherford for High School Achievement Scholarship

This scholarship is aims to recognize the academic achievement of students in high school and encourage them to pursue post-secondary. Students can earn up to $2500, depending on their marks throughout grade 10 - 12. Each year, starting in August 1st, our graduating students can apply online for this scholarship through the Student Aid Alberta website (see link below). Click this link for more information about the Alexander Rutherford for High School Achievement Scholarship.

Student Loans and Grants

Student Aid Alberta - Student loans are different than scholarships and bursaries.  The money received from a student loan needs to be repaid after you complete your post-secondary program and after a 6 month grace period.  Visit Student Aid Alberta website to complete the online application and you will be assessed for both Alberta Student Loans and Canada Student Loans as well as provincial and national grants.

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