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Parent - Teacher interviews
October 2021

Parent Teacher Interviews will be held from October 18 - 21 virtually

Teachers are scheduled each evening and will be available to make phone calls (or host google meets) from 6pm - 9pm

Please sign up by clicking on the desired teachers below and booking a time.
Please take careful note of your selected time and be available 10 minutes before and after your scheduled appointment.

October 18

October 19

October 20

October 21

Gerald Fontaine

Tanya Hebert

Cliff Cardinal

John Lumby

Melanie Lawton

Corey deMoissac

Shala Orbell

Melissa Mahe

Tyson Newby

Rebecca Oszust

Angela Noel*

Jill Ranger

Tim Penner

Haley Ozga

Brandon Strocki

Noah Shankowsky

Mark Tichkowsky

*Book to discuss your child's IPP.

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