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SPRHS Learning Commons

Library Learning Commons

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Check out what's available in our school library

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See what books are in our library by clicking on the Library World OPAC icon, at the left, to start your next reading adventure.

** When required  Library name: regional 

                              Password: none, leave blank.

Click one of the following links for more information

Click here to see AR books and levels

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Are you reading a book from home? Click on the icon to check if the book is in AR. Search by author, title or subject.  This is a great site to find books in your reading range.

Click here for free audio and eBooks

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English Language Learners : Listen and Read. Click the icon to read eBooks and listen to audiobooks on this website.

Great web page for finding more info about series, author, etc

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Still can't find a book that sparks your interest? Check out goodreads by clicking on the icon. Meet authors, read reviews, find out if there are books similar to the one you loved, see the next book of your favorite series.........  

St Paul Public Library website

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St Paul Municipal Library

As a member you can borrow books and so much more!  Click on the icon to view their collection and amazing e-resources.

***Log-in by choosing: St Paul Education Regional Division No.1 then using your computer login.  Ex: last4first4  & password

Borrow eBooks and audio-books

 check  out  our  newest


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